Get Business Visa Bali for unlimited re-entry to Bali for period 1 year – Qualified for France resident

Infrormation of Business Visa Indonesia

Bali is a main holiday destination for lots of people worldwide and it’s easy to see why! Starting with its list of neverending charming seashores, engaging spiritual energy, terraced rice fields, and incredible setting suns. There is so much to experience and experience on this amazing island utopia!

Going to Bali feels like joining an endless adventure– there is alwyas an activity to accommodate every single soul! Experience surfing, yoga, meditation, trekking, yummy food or amazing nightlife. Specific locations of Bali have been affected by tourism, with hubs of attractive cafes, hip bars, and vegan restaurants. Other locations are still fairly inaccessible, maintaining their uniquely Balinese beauty and magic.

business visa indonesia bali
business visa indonesia bali

Get Business Visa Bali for unlimited re-entry to Bali for period 1 year – Qualified for France resident

Why should you reside in Bali utilizing a business visa?

Unlike tourist visa and visa on arrival, the business visa allow you to go into Indonesia as much as you prefer without any issues with the Immigration office.
You don’t require to get employed or have a local husband or wife to live in Indonesia for a longer time.

The crucial restriction is that you can not stay in the country for longer than 60 days per visit. On the other hand, you can leave the country and back as frequently as you would like in one year.

This makes business visa Indonesia the ideal option for internet marketers and long-term visitors that wish to make Bali their home while regularly visiting (neighboring) countries.

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What can you legally perform with business visa?

Business visa can be used for the following purposes:

Participating in conferences and activities
Looking into business potentials
Working remotely (as long as you don’t receive an earnings from Indonesia).
Entering Indonesia as frequently as required *.

Main limits of a business visa:.

You are not allowed to become hired by an Indonesian firm.
You can not stay for longer than 60 days per visit.
* Nationalities not eligible for multiple entry visa: Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia.

The business visa applying steps.

Step 1– submitting documentations.

We will need the following documentations from you in order to apply for the visa:.

Copy of your passport.
Return air travel tickets (can be to anyplace outside of Indonesia).
If you wish to use your own corporate sponsor then the company documents of that company.

Step 2– FABIO VISA AGENCY makes an application for your visa in Bali.

Only 60 business visa Bali are allowed every day so our specialists submit your application instantly when the new batch becomes available utilizing our proprietary program. This increases that chances of getting the application submitted by 300%. After the visa application is approved, a telex will be sent to an Indonesian embassy of your choice.

Step 3– Visiting the Indonesian embassy of your choice.

Once the telex arrives at the embassy you will go and accomplish the process and get the visa to your passport. You are then completely free to enter Indonesia unlimited times for one year.

Start the business visa process.

We give the package deal for merely 370 USD This is the most hassle-free and affordable way to remain in Bali.

* The Fee is exclude visa fees that paid to the Indonesian embassy abroad, And the exact fees depend on the embassy.


If you are on Visa or Arrival, you can click link below to extend it!

Visa Extension

visa extension bali denpasar
visa extension bali denpasar


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