In an effort to regain the e-mail market, Yahoo has rolled out some great new features in it’s mail service, making Yahoo mail even better. Now, in addition to an email address at, Yahoo is also offering email at and

Yahoo has rolled out the ymail feature in an effort to regain the professional market, while rocketmail has been designed to capture the teen and young adult sector. In addition to these new addresses, Yahoo has incorporated new features into their mail service such as the ability to share a users status on Facebook directly from the email site. In addition, Yahoo has upgraded it’s mail storage capacity to 1GB of storage.

In addition to the snazzy sounding new names and the extended storage, Yahoo mail has added features such as drag and drop for sorting mail into folders, enhanced search, the ability to toggle between emails while composing, and a reading pane that allows for faster viewing. Magazines such as PC World, CNET, and PC Magazine, have given Yahoo’s new mail features rave reviews for the easy to use interface and functionality.

Yahoo mail has configured POP Access into its mail system, allowing all email addresses to be checked at one time. Along with new Spamguard, built in anti-virus protection from Norton, and designed to work with RSS feeds, mobile phones, and the added bonus of no downloads to install these features, Yahoo mail is one of the more advanced mail systems available on the Internet.

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