Rumors of the ipad 2 are that they will arrive in the spring. Apple likes to keep these tech announcements as secretive and some rumors were circulating that the ipad 2 wouldn’t be ready on time. This news was squashed by some other reputable technology sites that have access to information close to their sources. So what is happening in the tablet markets?

Huge competition on the horizon

Tablets will be everywhere this spring both in terms of cheap affordable tablets to higher luxury ones that feature too many special gadgets and possibly useless features. Either way the bottom line is that Apple created this market, or rather re-invigorated it by making a tablet that was desired by the world. These technologies existed many years ago but nobody get it any attention. Now almost all major manufacturers are fighting for this piece of the market.

In the middle lies the software and operating system companies. The winners of course will be Microsoft’s Windows 7 mobile and Google’s Android. Of course iOS exists in the market but is only available for apple products only.

The result is the consumer gets the best deals of all with finally something hitting the market that is changing the way we do things like browse the internet or shop online.

Now the decision becomes what tablet pc to buy and which operating system is best? Maybe it’s time to buy a few of them and do some test drives.

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